Because I own this site/blog whatever you want to call it, I do want to fully comply with the Federal Trade Comission (FTC) rules and regulations about the using of endorsements within advertising and marketing, specifically on the Internet.

Before you check out the rest of this disclosure, PLEASE make sure you understand that running this site is taking up my time, and costing ME money to run – all for your benefit!

I spend upwards of 10 hours a week on this site, including doing things like SEO, developing new features on the site, reading popular forums relating to electronic cigarettes, researching new and exiting products or news, writing content and reviews, and more.

Costs associated with the site include, but aren’t limited to the domain name registration, web hosting, bandwidth, graphic design, shipping costs, and more.

I keep doing it because I love electronic cigarettes and what they can do for people. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even be able to make a living off this site and the revenue it generates me.. some day.

I want you to understand that as a visitor to my site, reading some of the reviews we’ve created I do get paid a comission on the sale of a product if you click through to it using our advertisements or links. I am endorsing these products, and am often sent free samples to review for our readers. I try not to be biased, and don’t accept money or bribes to rate one higher than the other. All user comments are their own experiences with the device, company or etc. This site generates income through banner advertisements and affiliate links on product reviews.

I also think it is important to understand that this is a good thing.

Why is that? Because me getting paid make me an ‘ensdorser’ in the eyes of the FTC which also means that I have an obligation to be 100% honest and accurate as outlined in the new FTC rules and regulations. Here’s an excerpt from Text of the Revised Endorsement and Testimonial Guides (§255.1(a))  which reads;

Endorsements must reflect the honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experience of the endorser. Furthermore, an endorsement may not convey any express or implied representation that would be deceptive if made directly by the advertiser. [See §§ 255.2(a) and (b) regarding substantiation of representations conveyed by consumer endorsements.]

I never really considered myself an endorser as I don’t even suggest a particular brand or model on one of my most popular posts,  but an excerpt from the notice of these changes on the FTC website says:

the post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement

If I am getting paid for “endorsing,” I will disclose that “material connection” as instructed by the FTC either in the text of a specific post, or at the bottom of the post or advertisement with the text “FTC Disclosure,” “sponsored,” or “affiliate” which will be hyperlinked to this disclosure statement page of Top Electronic Cigarettes.

Fortunately, I do not have to make any other changes to the web-site other than this disclosing of my “material connections” because all of my reviews are honest and accurate due to my strict policy of honesty I have had since I started the site.

Unfortunately, I have seen a ton of fake and “spammy” review sites out there that don’t have the proper disclosure so I would be careful if you stumble upon a fake “review site” or “splog” with a lot of pages “spamdexed,” highly in Google that doesn’t have some sort of disclosure like this.

I greatly appreciate the readership I have gained so far and I want to thank you all for reading.  I hope you will choose to continue to support this site by purchasing product from my sponsors.

That being said, in the interest of full disclosure I want to maintain a list right here of all of my “material connections” so my readers have no doubts as to where the money comes from to cover my time and expenses:

Google: If you click on a text link labeled, “Ads by Google” on my site I receive a small commission as a part of the Google AdSense program.

Click Bank Market Place: If you click on a tabbed resource box or text links labeled “sponsored links” in which the vendor uses Click Bank Market place I will make a small commission only if you buy their product or service.

If you click through any of my links to www.buyreddragon.com and buy a product using a “coupon code” I make a small commission.  Likewise if you return the product for any reason I have to pay the commission back.

If you click through any of my links to www.njoycigarettes.com and buy a product I make a small commission.

If you click through any of my links to www.ecigaretteschoice.com and buy a product I make a small commission.

If you click through any of my links to www.blucigs.com and buy a product I make a small commission.

If you click through any of my links to www.greensmoke.com and buy a product I make a small commission.

If you click through any of my links to www.whitecloudcigarettes.com and buy a product I make a small commission.

If you click through any of my links to www.luckyslicks.com and buy a product I make a small commission.

There may be other links to sites that I have a material connection to that are not listed here.  I do my best to keep to this list up to date.  When in doubt just look for “FTC Disclosure,” “sponsored,” or “affiliate” with a hyperlink to this disclosure statement as an indication of a material connection between this site and another.

Thanks again for reading and continuing to support Top Electronic Cigarettes.