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Emerald Lux Review

| March 7, 2011 | 29 Comments

emerald luxe

Smoker’s breath is synonymous to tobacco bad breath, death breath, and stinky breath. Whatever you call it, the main cause is the same: cigarettes. And, it all smells the same when you breathe out. If you are a smoker, you should make it a priority to keep your mouth feeling and smelling fresh all the time. When you smoke, your mouth tends to dry and when that happens, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria do not only cause mouth and gum problems but also make the smell of your breath unbearable for most people. Cigarettes, which contain nicotine and tar, stain your teeth and greatly affect your gum tissues. These harmful contents of cigarettes contribute in the formation of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria turn the proteins in your mouth into volatile sulfur compounds and these in turn become the reason for that stinky odor.

Quitting your bad habit is actually the most effective way to end the problem of smokers’ breath. Of course, this is easier said than done. Many have tried and failed to quit the bad habit. If it is difficult for you to get rid of smoking, you can try e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, which many consider as an effective alternative to your typical cigarettes. These battery powered sticks allow you to smoke minus the noxious substances associated with a real cigarette. Similar to a real stick, it lights up at its end when in use and lets out a small puff of smoke. The only difference is that you can still get the nicotine fix that you desire but not the other dangerous substances associated with tobacco.

One of the most popular products in the market today is Emerald Lux Electronic Cigarette. It is one of the best products for smokers who have bad breath but cannot successfully quit their smoking habit. It provides the user the fun and flavors of a real cigar while eliminating its harmful effects. Yes, you get the same feeling of euphoria just like when using a real cigarette. There is some amount of nicotine in the product but it is in the form of water vapor released through rechargeable cartridges.

Many who have used this e-cigarette are amazed and pleased with what they have discovered about this revolutionary product. Whether you are in a public place, where smoking is normally banned, or at home with the kids, you can smoke anytime without worrying of getting caught by the police or spreading pollution in the environment. This cigarette is the better alternative to traditional stick, especially to chain smokers who have greater risks to have life threatening complications. It is very effective in preventing some common health problems such as yellow or pale teeth, and bad breath and odor.

Named as the Smoker’s Number 1 Choice E-Cigarette, Emerald Lux comes with an atomizer for creating vapor, cartridges (high flavor and medium flavor), and a battery with wall and USB charger. It is also a cost effective way to smoke. When you buy it from its official website, you can save up to $1000 a year, for each cartridge can last about as long as 30 to 40 regular cigarette sticks combined.

People who have bad breath often have low self esteem. However, you have to realize that most of the cases of bad breath are a result of bad habits like poor oral hygiene, failure to visit the dentist, drinking, or smoking. If you want to get rid of your stinky breath, you should start by making sure that you do something with your bad habits particularly smoking.


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29 Comments on "Emerald Lux Review"

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  1. Dorothy says:

    DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE AND KEEP YOUR WALLET CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!! I accepted a “free trial” and I swear there was no write up of strings attached and 2 weeks later they charged my account $99. When I called, Olivia didn’t say “sorry for the confusion”. She sarcastically directed me to a small paragraph of “terms” that she wanted me to read OUT LOUD! Sarcastic little bitch! I swear it was not there when I filled out the form because I read EVERYTHING. I couldn’t get a refund either. She basically said “tough shit”! This company is a shyster and SCAM ARTIST and only wants your money. KEEP YOUR CREDIT CARD FAR AWAY FROM THEM. Their product sucks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Doug Jones says:


  3. kevin ray says:

    I wish their were words to describe these folks but the closest I could come up with is cockroaches and maggots. They will feast on your hard earned money using fraudulent advertizing practices that would make Bernie Madoff envious ! And then you will be out 240.00 dollars before you can say “hey I got ripped off”!

  4. Bob L says:

    What have you got against maggots and cockroaches? Maggots and cockroaches are saints compared to these A$$holes.
    I wonder how many real customers they have.
    Oh the product did not impress me.

  5. D Flack says:

    this company is aripoff. they will charge you double and never send you their product.when you call and leave numerous messages they never return your call.they are definitely a scam and ripoff. do not buy from these crooks. if you want aecigerette try to buy somewhere local.

  6. Boschtoby says:

    Deceptive business practice. Trial Offer for $4.95 hooks you for an additional charge of $109.95. Can’t return product if opened, and if you can’t get a refund on you money. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS FREE TRIAL OFFER!

  7. Mr. Creole says:

    These Assholes got me with the free trial offer that said just pay shipping and handleing of 4.95……..what they didnt say was that after 14 day you will be charged full price for the dam starter kit…….If it was a trail offer i would have never got it……but it said “free starter kit, just pay shipping and handleing”……aint this some bonified bullshyt……stay away fron these guys…..they just want your money…….cant return if product is opened…..no refund…….what kinda shyt is that……..100% rip off……..

  8. Da Penguin 83 says:

    Wow… I wish I would’ve visited this site earlier… I haven’t seen anything fishy happen with my free Emerald Lux trial, but now that I know it’s coming, I don’t feel bad about lighting up a Newport right now! Thank to all of you for being so real. :-*

  9. L1veL0ve83 says:

    Wow… I wish I would’ve visited this site earlier… I signed up for that free trial about a week ago, realized that I HATE the product, but I have yet to see anything fishy happen on my credit card concerning the free Emerald Lux trial. Reading this now, though, I know it’s coming, & I don’t feel bad about lighting up a Newport right now! Thanks to all of you for being so real. I’ll be out 109.95, but is there an actual website where I can receive return information? I don’t care if they can’t use it; I just don’t want it around me, since it doesn’t do anything…

  10. grinder says:

    I appreciate all of your comments. I came across their “Free Trial” ad and was intrigued. But after reading all of these reviews I will definitely take my business elsewhere.

  11. logan says:

    Did anybody try to call and cancel before the 14 day trial was over? It did warn in small print at the bottom of the webpage…

  12. Robin says:

    WOW..I was trying to find the numer to call them because i just got my statement, they got me for $109.95……how do I call to cancel so I don’t get hit agian?

  13. nightlife says:

    What a scam. Here’s the link to their terms and conditions. This is exactly what the southpark episode with the itunes terms and conditions nobody reads, really allowed apple to make a centipad out of you. READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS PEOPLE.


  14. nightlife says:

    here’s the better business bureau’s link to submit a report against them:


  15. hellodolly says:

    not sure if there c/s is good or not but they’re “terms” do say that you need to call and cancel the auto ship program within 2 weeks of ordering the product or you’ll be charged $109 bucks. go to there website and click “terms”.

  16. Tawnya says:

    I wish I would have visited this site before they got me with the “free starter kit”. I didn’t see anywhere about a 2 week trial but lets face it, not everyone reads ALL terms and conditions when ordering something on-line. I was also hit with a charge of 109.95 after the 2 week period. I was LIVID! I am a single mother, living paycheck to paycheck and can NOT afford this at ALL! When I called, the representitive was like “tough shit!” Nobody was willing to work with me or help me out at all. I offered to return the product (I didn’t even like it and it is still in the original packaging), but they would not allow it saying it’s company policy to not accept any returns after the 2 week trial. What a crock of S*#T!!! Anyway, after about 15 minutes, someone called me from Emerald Lux with a reference number to return my product for a full refund! I don’t know if it’s the truth or not but I am going to return the kit using the reference number they gave me and wait for my refund. We will see if it happens!

  17. Tawnya says:

    Wow! I just checked my bank statement and emerald lux has already credited my account back the 109.95!!! They just gave me the reference number today to send back the product, I haven’t even sent it back yet and they already credited my account! I guess they are willing to work with you. Either that or the threat of contacting the BBB and attorney generals office did something :/

  18. Cali says:

    Product does not work. Thanks for the heads up on the fraud with extra charges. I canceled my card and did not receive any additional charge other than my 4.95 which my bank actually refunded for me when I canceled my card. The e cig simply DOES NOT WORK too. Off a full charge I get one decent hit then nothing at all. I’ve already thrown mine in the garbage where it belongs. I will do everything in my power to put this business on blast so people can avoid losing money to these awful people.

  19. Margo with egg on face says:

    Amen to everything that has been said about this HUGE SCAM! I am 64 and was proud to say I have never been scammed. I was browsing on the NBC Today Show site and saw this ad about paying nothing but shipping and handling. And no, there was NOTHING in fine print talking about the other $109.99 charge that came 3 weeks later and NOTHING about the $69.00 they billed my card yesterday! Not sure what that one was for. I called my credit card company and they reversed the charges. That’s what you all need to do. Or if you used a debit card, call your bank. These guys need to be put out of business!

  20. Bill B says:

    I went to Walmart and bought the kit they sold for my wife. It was ~$28. It had three cartridges, two batteries (rechargable), one USB and wall charger. the refills cost about ~$14 for a five pack (1.8%, 1.2% or 0.0%). It appears this ways save a lot over the scam listed here.

  21. Brenda says:

    Same here never saw the fee anywhere and I did call myself looking, called after I it hit my bank as a pending charge and was told I had three days to ship it back for a refund and the pending charge would be canceled as we “spoke” no mention of it had to be unopened, I mean come on “free trial” dosen’t logic dictate if this was anything other than a scam, you would have to try it in order to determine if you wanted to keep the product?
    Anyway, I shipped the product express, they recieved it the next day and guess what, the charge is still pending on my account so my bank has joyfully hit me with seven overdraft fees. I want to kick my own butt, but thier doing it o well I guess I’ll just hold off.
    Bottom line stay away from them! And a course in Consumuer law wouldn’t be bad either it seems.

  22. Add me to the LIST says:

    I took fell for the $4.95 starter kit 2/8/12. I stopped smoking the beginning of the month. I used the ecig just to help with the drag features. I read the affiliate website info and said cool I will do it. I used my Mastercard instead of debit card because I didn’t want surprise later. The product stopped working 2/22/12 so II was searching the company website and saw the how to cancel your exclusive autoship. I had noticed my cc had a hold on it of $109.95 but couldn’t figure out where that charge was coming from. I too called and the representative said I should have read the terms. I guess they say that 100 times a day. That is very deceptive keep $100 from 100 people a day, you can make a lot of money. She offered to charge me just half $54.95 and I would not have to return the product. Keep $54.95 for a non working product from 100 people and you make a lot of money too. STAY AWAY do not take up the 14 day FREE TRIAL which the site I signed up on didn’t state. I would’ve never signed up.

  23. Add me to the LIST says:

    Maybe making mention of contacting the BBB helped them change course of action. I received an email today. I love how they have a way with words.
    “This email is to inform you that we have received your request to return your order of Emerald Lux, which was originally purchased on 02/23/2012 02:04am for the total amount of $109.95″

    That is very cute I guess i had the “14day trial” from 2/8/12 to 2/23/12. I then purchased it in full huh. They sent an RMA number to return the kit back. I will update the post if they refund the money.

  24. STEVE D. says:

    I am one of the few lucky ones. After thinking I was going to be had, I had to create a plan to out wit this SCAM of a so called company. Follow these simple instructions… Remember it was shipped US Postal and YOU NEVER RECEIVED the product !!! Call and tell them you received billing without product. Why thats FRAUD ! Then ask them to explain all the additional charges then REFUSE and CANCEL EVERYTHING and DEMAND a credit on the account ASAP. or you will call the credit card co and BBB. However, the person I dealt with was very good about everything and even called me back the same day to tell me when to expect the CREDIT on my account. This was the only process I could come up with to BEAT a scammer at there own game. DONT BE HAD – FIGHT THEM BACK and WIN !!!!

  25. Elroyblu says:

    Grow up!!!! I’m guessing the bullocks that order this product are adults??? and should know better!?!! What don’t you understand about a free TRIAL???? IDIOTS!!!! Trial free it simple means exactly what it READS FREE TRIAL 2 weeks or 14 days and after the “TRAIL” ends…..
    Easier to bad mouth a company for your own stupidity. SHAME!!!!!

  26. Disgruntled says:

    I ordered these e-cigs for my husband. Luckily I read the fine print and did not get charged for the full amount. However, after using the product for a week, the atomizer stopped working. I emailed and called for a replacement – which was sent with no problems. That atomizer didn’t work either! What a total scam. My husband was hoping to quit without meds but I guess that is what we are left with now. Thank goodness for Chantix! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT – IT DOES NOT WORK!!!

  27. THANK YOU!! says:

    Because of all the complaints I found on site I cancelled my debit card before they had the chance to screw me for the $109.95. Sadly, I actually liked their ecig, but wow what a scam. Shameful. Thank you to everyone who posted their complaints here.

  28. Add me to the LIST says:

    After seeking help from the LA BBB listed above, the company reconciled and gave me half of my money back $55. They continued to place blame on the customer and defend their product.

    My e-cig broke within a week of using. They told me I could keep the supplies and they would send another since it has a 1yr warranty. I told them no thanks, since I have quit smoking. The product actually works> well not really. The bad taste left in my mouth from being suckered by this company helped me quit.

    So I received half of my money back off that purchase, but I had spent $32 sending it back 3 day express with UPS. I ended up with $23 of my money back after all.

  29. Rex says:

    I smelled a RAT with LUX & REGAL eCigs. Both have the exact same SCAM.
    Here is what to do IMMEDIATELY:

    You will be issued a new Credit Card.

    (If) the product arrives just refuse it. If the product is left at your door throw it out with the garbage.

    Then contact your Credit Card and say you NEVER RECEIVED your offer from these maggots.
    The entire initial Charge will be reversed!

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