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Clean Smoke Review

| December 29, 2009 | 1 Comments

This E-smoke is discontinued. Try This One Instead!

In reading electronic cigarette user reviews we came across Clean Smoke.  It was also listed among top electronic cigarettes.  It said that we would be able to smoke in no smoking areas since it is a smoke anywhere electronic cigarette so we thought it would be great to do an electronic cigarette user review of it.  We lucked out and got to take part in the free trial and we have been informed that there is another free trial while supplies last.  All it cost us was shipping and handling at $3.95.  We received a Clean Smoke kit with an extended battery, a home charger, a usb charger with car adapter and 10 tobacco flavoured cartridges.

The re-chargeable lithium ion battery and atomization chamber screw together connecting to the device. The nicotine slides into the other end of the atomization chamber.  It was super easy to put together out of the box. The way it works is that when inhalation is detected, the lithium ion battery activates the atomization chamber which vaporizes the mixture in the cartridge.  You are inhaling no tar and no tobacco so there is no foul odour to make you clothes, car and home smell bad.

After looking at a few top electronic cigarette user reviews we found that the cartridges are even available in a wide variety of different flavours.  This was great news since the last time we tried quitting smoking we tried the gums, in all the flavours they come in, and they all offended our taste buds.  Using the electronic cigarette quit smoking was flavourful and easy.

The vapour was full of flavour and had a more flavourful taste than any of the other inhalers we had tried.

We liked that there is no flame.  This made it a lot safer to smoke when we were tired or clumsy; who of us hasn’t dropped a cigarette at some point as a traditional smoker?  It was also cleaner since there was no ash.  My spouse and pets used to always knock over the ashtrays accidentally and it would always leave a huge filthy hard to clean mess.  There was no mess to clean up since these don’t ash.

The battery charges quickly which made it convenient.  This one came with a wall charger and a USB charger that I could even plug into the car adapter.  This was handy since we travel a lot for work.  Being able to have an electronic cigarette when I wasn’t able to have a traditional cigarette really helped me cope with the stresses of travelling a lot.   We also liked the extended battery since it lasted longer than some other top electronic cigarettes we had tried.  The electronic cigarette user reviews that we had read about the Clean Smoke brand of smoke anywhere electronic cigarettes neglected to mention how long this battery actually lasts.  We compared it to the others we had tried and it lasted a lot longer which was great when we had long busy days.

We started to use the Clean Smoke electronic cigarette, quit smoking and feel great.  It is amazing how these smoke anywhere electronic cigarette from Clean Smoke helped and tasted great at the same time.

Overall we have to rate the Clean Smoke smoke anywhere electronic cigarette a 2.5 out of 5.

This E-smoke is discontinued. Try This One Instead!

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  1. dan says:

    I too started using clean brand e cig system. I love it! Nicottine hit without smoke. Almost 2 weeks now and haven’t craved a real cig since even when i’m hanging with my smoking buddies. I have a question. Are there different nicottine dosage with the cartridges that i can buy to help me titer and kick he habit completely?

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